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Cherokee 190 pant  available in regular and petite lengths


Landau 8320 pant available in petites and talls



Ackley Uniforms is the web's  source for discounted Tall and Short length medical uniforms for women and men.


Add this page to your list of favorite sites. More products  coming soon.



Hard-to-Find Special Lengths
Petites for Women
Short Lengths for Men

Petites are designed for many women about 5'4" or less who should have an inseam length about 2"-3" shorter than regular sizes. Landau's 7602 drawstring pant is excellent for shorter men, too.

Petite Scrub Pants

Scrub Tops

Tall Scrubs and Labcoats

Men's and Women's Tall sizes are usually about 2"-3" longer than regular lengths. Many women over 5'8" and men over 6' should wear Talls. Women can get added length by buying unisex scrubs or men's fashion pants. Landau's new 7594 top runs about 2" longer than most tops. Landau tall pants tend to be somewhat longer than White Swan talls.

Note that inseams are longer on larger sizes. The Landau 8550 pant, for example, is about 33 1/2" long in size small-tall and about 35" long in size XL-tall.

Since demand for Talls is limited, most styles are offered in only a few colors.

Tall Lab Coats for men and women

We offer several lab styles in long length versions. These feature longer bodies and longer sleeves. Many women buy men's lab coats for extra length.

The above coats should fit most people between 6' and 6' 4".

Meta's classic 161 women's coat should fit most women between 5'9" and 6'2.

Women's very small labcoats

Several Meta labcoats are now made in size  zero and 2. Size 2 and size 0 lab coats are virtually never found in uniform shops. Even size 4 labcoats are rare. Ackley usually stocks them for fast shipment.


Plus Size Scrubs, 6X, 7X Scrubs

Most of our basic scrubs and other uniforms are made up to size 5X. Check individual products for availability. We carry a full selection of plus sizes. A few basic scrubs are also available in sizes 6X and 7X. New

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