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White Swan, Dickies and Landau Approximate Colors
Landau's color codes are also listed


(dark navy)
code: BNP
Galaxy Blue
(medium navy)
code: BGP
Royal Blue
code: BEP
Ceil Blue
code: BCP
Grape or Purple
code BKP
Olive Green
code: GOSP
Hunter Green
code: GHP
Caribbean Blue
code: CBP
code: BTP
code: RWP
True Red
code: TRP
Steel Grey
code: STP
code: WPP
code: DCP
code: DCPP
Khaki or Sandstone
code: SAY
Cherry Blossom Pink
code: PCB
code: WW


Important notice about color rendition on the Internet

The above colors are approximate.  Accurate color rendition is simply not possible on the internet. The color you see depends on many factors including the type of browser you use, your color settings (say 8 bit color or 24 bit color) and your monitor type and settings.

In selecting a color it is often best to rely on the color's name. Landau's and White Swan's colors are fairly standard in the uniform industry. If you are required to wear wine scrubs, for example, our  wine scrubs should work even though the wine swatch above may look more like brown on some computers.

Some colors go by more than one name. Landau's rose is what White Swan and several other scrub manufacturers call raspberry. Landau uses the term grape rather than purple that White Swan uses for a nearly identical color.

Different brands will not usually match, but they will be close. If you are trying to match Landau scrubs, the above color codes can usually be found in the label

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