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, continuously updated since 1997, is the largest link directory of sites related to medical uniforms, scrubs, nurses apparel, labwear, professional footwear and accessories. It is intended as a service to uniform consumers and the uniform industry

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Largest link directory of medical uniform websites. It has been continuously updated since 1997


Manufacturers, distributors and retailers of healthcare uniforms, scrubs, lab coats, footwear and accessories for nurses and other medical professionals




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This directory includes some trade  organizations and useful reference sites



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Due to the Internet's size and fluidity, it is impossible to list all sites. But we have included virtually all major sites, plus many secret,  abandoned, inactive, and poorly promoted websites



 Several sites appear to be nothing more than "kitchen table" businesses without street addresses and of questionable permanence. We generally try to exclude small drop shipper sites or "PO box" sites
We don't include any of the many Cherokee PIE (Partners In E-commerce) sites
Consumers should note that we can not guarantee the honesty and financial capability of businesses in this directory. In some rare cases, sites have been rejected or removed due to customer service issues





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And the weird:

  • English Nurses in Uniform Draw your own conclusions. But this is an excellent reference for costume designers and nursing historians.

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