General Uniform Size and Fit Guide
Uniforms vary from brand to brand in size and color. Most medical uniforms tend to run a bit small compared to sportswear. Landau's chart, shown below, is typical of better brands. Sadly, there are no industry or government standards for fit and color. Expect slight fit variation even among the same product.

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Some Popular Items for Your Consideration:

  • Fashion Seal 423 Cotton Physician Labcoat - Cloth Knot Buttons
    Fashion Seal 423 Cotton Lab coat
    Rare 100% cotton knot closure coat ships fast
      Learn More
  • Landau 8232 Top
    Snap close female top. Pockets galore. 15 colors. XS-5X
      Learn More
  • Meta 763 100% Cotton Womens Knot Button Physician Lab Coat - Cloth Knot Buttons -  Female All-Cotton Doctors Coat - 763-011
    Meta 763 Ladies Knot Button Lab
    100% cotton labcoat starts in size zero, and talls too!
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  • Landau 7594 mens gusset scrub top
    Landau 7594 Scrub
    Stylish vented mens top for cool comfort and ease of movement
      Learn More
  • Meta 6116 lab coat - Black Labcoat - also White, Blue, Gray, Navy. Rare Black Labcoats
    Meta 6116 Labcoat
    Popular lab in 5 colors including gray, navy and black
    Learn More

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