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Track Your Ackley Uniforms UPS Shipment
This form works for orders placed on our online shopping cart and only after shipment. Allow several hours for tracking information to appear in UPS database.
Last 4 Digits of Order Number: (Order Number is in our order confirmation email that was sent to you immediately after ordering)
Destination 5-Digit Zip Code:



Example: The following type of line appears in every Ackley confirmation email:

"Ackley Uniforms Order Number: 8 10798 "

Enter the last 4 digits (0798) in the form above, and the 5-digit Zip code where the merchandise is being shipped to. Then click the "Track package" button with your mouse. Use the "Clear package" button to clear the form if you make a mistake or wish to track another Ackley Shipment

If your Ackley order isn't showing up in our online tracking, that may mean:

  1. We haven't shipped your order yet. Something may be on backorder from the factory

  2. Your order was shipped by US Postal Service (not UPS) which we often use for Alaska, Hawaii, Pacific islands and rush orders shipped on Saturdays.

  3. Your order was shipped within the past few hours and is not in the UPS database yet.

  4. The UPS System is down. Try again later.

  5. Your Credit Card was rejected for payment. We try to contact customers in that event, but we're not always successful.

  6. We made some sort of error.

If you suspect there is a problem or unusual delay, please phone us toll-free at 1-800-834-0873, or email  We usually answer emails very quickly and 7 days a week.


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